Because I write so you’ll read

June 21, 2012

I write…a lot. I have for a long, long time. I wrote my first fan fiction when I was fourteen, my first original, Mary Sue style fic when I was fifteen. Some of it I like to save for no one but me, other stuff I’d like to share, and so here I am, sharing.

There should probably be a blanket statement here that that stuff I write is usually adult in nature,  sometimes explicit, and sometimes involves my favorite fictional characters. I have a particular fondness in writing for messy emotions, sex of any sort (including m/m, m/f, m/m/f – it’s ALL good in my world, and if that sort of thing makes you want to run the other way, this probably isn’t the place for you), and flawed characters.

If you decide to read on, enjoy. And if you maybe decide you want to read some more of my fanfic, let me know, I’ll hook you up with a link or three. There’s a lot of it, in a lot of different fandoms (Supernatural, Avengers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Inception…)

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